Open & Affirming


We Welcome All.

Our decision to become an Open & Affirming church in 2006 was one that came with a lot of thought and purpose. An ad hoc committee was formed to consider the topic. They talked to other congregations and groups, gathered input from our membership and each wrote about why they supported this declaration:

“We the members of the Flagg Road United Church of Christ (Congregational) declare that we welcome all to share in our community of faith. We acknowledge our diversity and seek to include all people without regard to their age, ethnicity, gender, marital status, religious background, sexual orientation and economic, emotional or physical limitations, for we are children of God.

We invite all who seek God’s guidance to join our open and affirming faith community and share fully in our church’s life and opportunities for ministry. We rely upon the unconditional nature of God’s love and grace to be our help and guide as we undertake this journey together.”

When our church membership unanimously approved this statement, it  was with much pride. We welcome everyone.

 We felt very welcomed from the first visit we made to the church. This congregation is intergenerational and very supportive and caring towards each other. The fact that this small intimate faith community felt compelled to adopt an open and affirming statement makes Flagg Road UCC so special for us. We were officially married in the church on our 20th anniversary in 2008.
Kathy and Cathy, members since 2006.