How Our Church was Started.

Our foundation is Christ and the earliest churches that came to be in the first century. Our specific foundations stem from the Protestant Reformation, and more recently, the early settlers in New England that considered themselves Puritans.

In the late 1950’s the Congregational Churches in Hartford and West Hartford were all thriving, bustling communities with multiple services for hundreds of worshippers each Sunday. The leaders of those churches felt that a new church was needed to handle the spiritual needs of the region.They decided—rather pragmatically—to build in an area that had not yet been developed. In 1957, a group of members from the three main churches, Asylum Hill, Immanuel, (both in Hartford) and the First Congregational Church of West Hartford, created a new congregation. Their first formal meetings were in Norfeldt School in West Hartford. Perhaps due to this setting, the newly formed congregation developed an appreciation for worship centered around the introspection that smaller, more intimate venues can create.

The group grew and solidified around this point of view. After only four years they broke ground at our present site, 134 Flagg Road. The first worship service was celebrated in October, 1963.