Our Philosophy


Flagg Road Church: A Personal Experience

My husband and I and our three young daughters began attending the Flagg Road United Church of Christ more than 30 years ago. For the first time in our “church” experience, we— and our children—felt unconditionally accepted. From the first moment we experienced the pleasure of worshipping “in the round”, we found a community that encouraged seeking truth, that cared for each of us, yet was never intrusive. We were all drawn to these people who possessed a lightness of heart and laughter along with a profound spirit of concern.

We at Flagg Road come from several theologically, economically, and socially diverse backgrounds, adding to the richness of our experience within the church. Because we value this diversity, our membership has always been welcoming and respectful of each individual’s privacy and differences.

Over the years, it became evident that Flagg Road’s depth of care extended well beyond the fellowship of our church into the wider world, beginning in our own backyard . In the 1980’s we undertook the construction of 14 cottages for seniors on the church’s vacant land. This generosity of spirit has expanded to include giving aid and comfort, both financially and personally, to many good causes inside and outside our local area.

I am truly grateful for this place of worship, warmth, and care.


The UCC Perspective

Flagg Road: Our church is a part of the Connecticut Conference of the United Church of Christ which proclaims that “wherever you are on life’s journey, you are welcome”. Further, we believe that God is still speaking to us as we journey together. As a denomination we share a common heritage dedicated to inclusivity and justice. We were the first to ordain an African American minister, (1785); a woman, (1853); an openly gay person (1972); and to affirm same-gender marriage, (2005). We feel that if we could choose, we would choose to err on the side of extravagant welcome and inclusion rather than limiting our human connections through exclusion.

We at Flagg Road aspire to live out our faith in creative and expressive ways and to live into our faith by creating ever deepening bonds with one another in worship, work, study and play.

We use the expression that “Our religion is 2000 years old, but our thinking is not.” We understand our faith as people who do not check our minds at the door. We welcome and encourage questions of faith and belief as part and parcel of a growing spirituality. We practice our faith with the understanding that religion and science do not exclude one another. Rather, as Albert Einstein once wrote, “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”

Come to worship! No appointment needed! No chance you’ll be turned away! (10AM Sundays, of course.)