Christian Service

Active, Uplifting, “Doing” Service.

Service is an important aspect of the commitments Flagg Road members make to each other, to our communities and to the world at-large. It’s a source of real, visible joy for us. Insights on how we can be helpful arise throughout the congregation—they are shared from the pulpit, through fellow parishioners or the Sunday School youth, or presented by our community neighbors and the leadership from our partner organizations. In the presence of such solid giving energy, it’s easy to find a way to contribute whenever you are able, willing and ready.

What is most meaningful for me is working to serve those in need in a variety of ways, whether it’s making and serving hot breakfast for the homeless at Center Church in Hartford, purchasing and packaging snacks for inner city children, or cooking and serving food for the elderly residents of the Hartmeadow community. The result of serving together with others in this capacity is deepening fellowship. There is a sense of openness, welcoming and unity that I appreciate immensely.

The Board of Christian Service takes the church-wide attributes of giving, helpfulness and grace, and turns those ideas into “doing” service. By way of example, our church has contributed time, energy and funds local shelter and food security, Heifer Foundation, education in Hartford, missions in Kenya, hands-on rebuild projects throughout Connecticut, in Kentucky and New Jersey. We are always finding ways to be of service—or better put—with Good Grace in the works, ways of being of service find us.