Memorial Garden

A Place of Dignity, Beauty and Reflection.

The Memorial Garden is located along the west edge of the grassy area in front of the church. It provides a place of dignity and beauty for the caring disposition of the cremated remains of loved ones. The Garden offers comfort to those who wish to remain close to the church even in death, and provides a place for private meditation and prayer as friends and family remember the lives of loved ones. Since 1976, the beauty of its trees, shrubs, and flowers has been a living reminder of the unique contributions of those whose ashes are located there.

A small group of volunteers offer their time, experience and ample horticultural skills in tending the garden. Due to these efforts, the setting is as lovely as it is meaningful. From early Spring tulips to Summer lilies to a wash of warm foliage as we enter the Fall months to stalks rising from the blankets of snow come Winter, the garden is a perpetual backdrop to the Flagg Road experience. To drive by it as you enter the church campus is to be reminded of our roots and of the attributes we will each pass on. It is indeed a simple symbol—but perhaps due to that simplicity, to be in the company of the garden is to be moved.

The Memorial Garden is available for the disposition of ashes of members and friends of the Flagg Road United Church of Christ and their immediate families.