Hartmeadow Village

Nestled on six acres in a quiet, friendly, and warm neighborhood, Hartmeadow Village consists of fourteen two-bedroom cottages intended for residents of retirement age. It is within easy walking or driving distance to Bishop’s Corner providing access to most services and needs. Across the street is Westmoor Park, a town-owned complex including a working farm, nature trails, and a community garden.

Hartmeadow Village was created with the generosity of members and friends of the church in the 1980’s. The first residents built their cottage units and deeded them back to the church. In return, they received the pledge that while living in Hartmeadow they would be charged only what it cost to maintain their properties.

In 2008 our last original resident left Hartmeadow Village. Currently Hartmeadow Village serves people 62 years and older providing outstanding living arrangements at reduced rental rates. Many of the members are part of our church family. They welcome frequent interaction with the congregation including Christmas caroling, visits from the children at Halloween, special luncheons, and easy access to the church. Some of the residents have planted stunning gardens around their cottages emphasizing what is clear as soon as you enter the visit—it is neighborly; it is lovely; it is home.

Questions about living at Hartmeadow Village should be directed to our church office at 860-523-0121.