Belonging—in Friendship and in Community.

There is an endless amount of value for any member of Flagg Road Church. One value to membership is that everyone has a voice in the church. There are many boards and committees to join from Property Management to Christian Education, Deacons, and Christian Service. Regardless of your profession, experience and training, you are invited to join any one of these boards—and your investment of energy and care will be felt and recognized throughout the church.

Another reason to be a member of Flagg Road Church is that the minister is accessible. If you are feeling low or are having a spiritual problem, you may benefit by talking to our friendly, outgoing minister. The last and most awesome reason I’ve found to being a member of this church is that we are friends. There are many gatherings we have throughout the year that are so much fun. Everyone in the church is welcoming and friendly. This isn’t a superficial kind of friendship. It’s the kind that is deep, based on trust and respect, and lasting.

Pulling into the church every Sunday is a marvelous feeling. To see beams of light bouncing off of the sanctuary feels good deep in my heart. Our church, inside and out, is a beautiful place. True, I feel like I learn a lot about the Bible, but more importantly, I learn about myself and others as well.

The Membership Process

If you have participated in our worship services, share our values (see our Covenant and Open & Affirming policy statement), and are interested in exploring the possibility of Membership, we encourage you to speak with one of the Deacons or with our Pastor. We look forward to having you become part of our Flagg Road Church family.