Sunday School

Our Sunday School Program

On Sundays, the children file into church with their parents and listen to our music director’s organ prelude. They are filled with wonderful enthusiasm as they wave to each other. It’s clear to them and to everyone else that children are a welcome and important part of our congregation. This moment, as the children experiencing the enriching qualities that grow from being in the company of our extended church family, is the beginning of the Sunday School program.

With barely a cue, they gather at the front of the church, sitting on the carpeting in a semi-circle around our Minister. They take part in a spirited discussion—learning songs, going on a brief scavenger hunt around the sanctuary looking for hidden symbols. really, this shouldn’t be called a “Children’s Sermon”—it’s a revelatory, insightful and engaging for the entire congregation.

After a spirited send off, all of the children gather in their own meeting place that connects the Sunday School classrooms. They share the events affecting their past week and offer thoughtful prayers of encouragement and support to each other and their families. I’ve had the pleasure of participating in this time with the kids and it is an affirming and warm vignette I carry with me throughout the week. And really—that’s what the Flagg Road Sunday School creates for everyone involved from the teachers to the children.

The Sunday School curriculum is crafted for three age ranges relative to the academic school system. There are elementary, middle school and early high school classes. They are taught by members of the congregation who take a lot of time and care in preparing their lessons. The connections with these teachers are powerful and easily transfer to a connection with the church as a whole. There are bible readings, discussions, projects, skits and a significant amount of content that goes back home in the form of healthy, interesting conversations for the whole family.

Our Christmas Pageant brimming with shepherds and angels, Palm Sunday, and Children’s Sunday Service are highlights of our Church Calendar. When we, the congregation, get to witness the hard work and great energy of these children—our pride and joy—it’s easy to see that nothing can compare.