Caring for Our Precious Little Ones.

Pre-school children have the opportunity to spend a portion of our service with their parents and after a time we call “Thoughts for the Young”, they have the opportunity to spend the rest of service with our childcare providers to hear Biblical stories, do crafts and play with each other, building the peer bonds that may well be with them through confirmation and beyond.

I love having the nursery downstairs at Flagg Road. Both of our sons, now ages 8 and 3, started early in their lives in the “nursery” under the caring watch of fellow church members while my husband and I were able to fully participate in the church service. We could relax in confidence knowing the responsible adult and teen assistant tending to the nursery feel free to come get us if needed. Our church is incredibly empathetic—nothing related to the children is considered a distraction or a nuisance to a congregation where every member is an intentional partner in the care of the children.

Our boys have come to know the routine of service. Right after the children’s time of our service they are guided out of the church service and head either to Sunday School or the nursery. They go eagerly, without any assistance or insistence from us. In fact, they look forward to it all weekend long.

The nursery is a licensed preschool facility during the week. Therefore, the toys and play areas are carefully arranged, educational and varied. Once the little ones are in the nursery, it is hard to get them to leave when their parents return to pick them up! The adults and teens who volunteer for the nursery are all members of the church family, either parents themselves or interested adults. They follow a brief religious story or lesson appropriate to the ages of the children in attendance that day. In all the years we’ve been members and had our children in the nursery, we’ve always felt they were well cared for, safe, entertained, and, most importantly, loved.