Transitioning to Spiritual Adulthood.

The confirmation process at Flagg Road United Church of Christ is a wonderful time of spiritual growth and deepening of faith typically occurring when a child is in eighth grade. The process starts as each confirmand selects a mentor to assist them with their assignments and to act as a guide through the confirmation process. My husband and I were honored to be mentors and viewed this as another way to serve the children, the church community and also as a vehicle to deepen our own spiritual understanding.

Our confirmands participate in a series of class meetings with the minister of the church. They study the history of Christianity, talk about other own personal faith and how they worship, and complete a confirmation project together. They also attend a Confirmation Retreat weekend at Silver Lake Conference Center in Sharon, CT. The retreat is an incredible time where many UCC churches gather with their confirmands. During this weekend they explore their faith and share their many stories together, all in the name of fellowship.

My children, both boys, were confirmed in the same year while one was in ninth grade and the other in eighth. It was a meaningful time for our whole family as my husband and I served as mentors for two other confirmands that year.

Confirmation Sunday at Flagg Road United Church of Christ is a special time in the church community with families and friends gathering to celebrate the confirmands. It’s a beautiful, whole-curch ritual culminating with the confirmands presenting their project to the congregation, describing their learning and expressing their faith.

It is a joyous and blessed time to witness each youth take this decisive step in becoming an adult member of our faith community.