Youth Education


Lessons to Last a Lifetime.

At Flagg Road, Christian Education is not simply a program for educating our children, it’s a blessing for the entire congregation. When the children are engaging in Rev. Diters’ youth sermon or sharing an inspired presentation they prepared for sunday service, they light up the congregation. Everywhere you look in the sanctuary you see smiles of pride, joy, admiration.

It’s incredible to witness the students becoming the teachers and turning the gifts of learning outward to become the gifts of sharing. I look forward to those moments, to those smiling faces and to the beautiful way these young souls are finding connection to their spirit and their church. We truly are one family with the children at their rightful place—in the center of it all.
Ruth Rankin

We deeply value our youngest participants and offer Sunday School for school-aged children. Our programs are thoughtfully considered to fit our specific class sizes and our participants and it is not uncommon for our youth to remain in church for worship with the adults to experience the ritual aspects of the church. We are unique at Flagg Road in that we consider all of our members teachers as well as learners and that we all take part in growing faithfully and spiritually together. To learn more about our Youth Education program, select one of the links below.