The Congregation


In the Company of Friends.

Our congregation comes from West Hartford but also from a number of towns within easy driving distance. We share a common desire to practice worship and service with one another in ways that suit our lives. We are not large; our official membership count is a little over one hundred. However any Sunday we are likely to have as many as sixty or more people in worship. The intimacy of our worship space creates a warm environment for participation in service and allows a relational style between worship leaders and the congregation.

Sanctuary chairs are arranged in a semi-circle. This means, wherever you sit, you can make eye contact with members of the congregation. We smile at each other, nod to each other, place an occasional hand on an available shoulder. We don’t hesitate to share these signs of closeness, because we are close. I’m proud to say, among my dearest friends are members of the Flagg Road Church congregation.

I suppose it would be fitting to point out it’s a fairly diverse congregation—age ranges, ethnicities, partner choices, financial capacities, introverts, extroverts, physical abilities—in keeping with the region where the church is sited. What I see when I look at those Sunday faces are the women who look after my children with deep love so my wife and I can spend time alone from the boys to keep our family strong; I see my confidants, advisors, cheerleaders, and ad hoc bandmates; I see the couple who sent their son to my house to shovel snow when I was feeling under-the-weather; I see the now young adults I’ve laughed with and shared perspectives with in Sunday school and learned from during mission trips.

I’ve been on three boards and every time, I’ve deepened my respect and honor for the thoughtfulness and openness of the members of this congregation. From overflowing creativity to humbling, consistent generosity, everyone of these folks encapsulate the qualities I respect the most. They are powerful examples of positivity inspiring my children. They are my family.