The Church


A Space that Echoes the Spirit of the Congregation.

The twelve-sided “near circle” form of the sanctuary and the seating around a central table and lectern make a welcoming space that includes the pastor, choir and liturgists as part of the congregation. Visitors are pleased to find a non-traditional sanctuary where the floor is flat and individual chairs rather than fixed pews, permit flexibility for services, functions and observances. Because nothing is “fastened down”, arrangements may vary from traditional services, to a coffee house, to a room filled with tables for our annual Maundy Thursday Seder supper.

The height to the center apex of the sanctuary is 40 feet and a stylized cross, incorporating the Greek letters Iota and Chi – Jesus the Christ, hangs from the apex. The sanctuary has exceptional acoustics and is a sought-after site for musical performances.

Symbolically, the building entrance links the sanctuary and lounge. The lounge is the gathering place with an integral fireplace and kitchen area. Further along the hallway are entrances to the newly refinished nursery and restrooms. The hallway from the lounge then opens into a north-south hallway where class rooms and the church offices are located.

The building is well suited to the lively, informal and active life of Flagg Road Congregational Church. The experience of the space can best be described as though one were standing at the intersection of modernity and tradition. It inspires the imagination and lifts the spirit. It is integral to who we are—it is uniquely Flagg Road.