Continuing Education


Enlightenment with—and through—Our Peers.

One of the things I like best about our church community is the opportunity to gather together with bright, caring, and positive thinking members (and guests!) for continued learning and fellowship. Reverend Mark has hosted a variety of study groups including a series on parenting, several book studies, and a Bible survey. He is currently hosting a twice-a-month Sunday night movie series, with a pot-luck dinner and discussion thrown in—a triple bonus to close out a relaxing weekend. There are some amazing cooks in our church, so the pot-luck dinners are often a welcomed and delightful component to our gatherings.

Continuing education and fellowship takes on many forms beyond the variety of study offered. A knitting group meets regularly and is open to all levels, with the more experienced knitters offering expertise and problem solving advice to beginners. Collage workshops have been offered with the completed works becoming holiday or greeting cards used as a fundraiser for the Women’s Fellowship. We have had amazing progressive dinners, with questions for active and thoughtful discussion.

Beyond the quality study groups that Mark offers our church community, we gather whenever someone comes up with an idea or a topic to share. If there is a desire to laugh, discuss, work on a garden, perform music to an audience, or even practice yoga, we gather together to make it happen—with great joy.