November 2016 Newsletter


November 2016 Newsletter

Notes from West Mountain

“Gifts of the Spirit…” Romans 12


Gratitude Sunday is November 20, just before Thanksgiving!

The world keeps spinning, November arrives with the subtle reminders of the winter to come; grass, discolored and slow to grow, stubborn leaves still cling to their branches awaiting another cold snap to do its work, and enduring summer drought conditions linger, causing one to wonder over water supplies and just how much snow might fall in the next months. (It is New England after all…)

We are a small community, but one with many gifts. Some of our gifts shine bright, right out front, others hover just below the surface, reaching deep into who we are but harder to recognize and lift up to celebrate. This year, as we consider our financial pledge for the 2017 calendar year, I ask that we make note of the gifts that we embody as part of the Flagg Road UCC and share them with one another as part of our annual stewardship drive. We will honor those gifts along with our pledges on Sunday, November 20.

When we receive our pledge letters there will be two cards enclosed: one, to commit your offer of financial support for the coming year, the second with the request to submit the blessings and gifts you find here at Flagg Road. It will simply say:

Please share the gifts and blessings you find in our congregation:

These can be large or small, personally felt or broad reaching, either way they will help present a fuller picture of our body of Christ for all to see.

Blessings to you,




Join us for jumping, laughing, and eating at Launch Trampoline Park in Hartford and Panera Bread in Bishop’s Corner on November 20th. We’ll leave church around 11:15am and drop off the kids at home around 3pm. We will be ordering tickets ahead of time, so please let Liz and Linda know if you want to go by November 6th.



Flagg Road and Hartmeadow friends are invited to join us for a special evening of jazz music at Flagg Road Church on Friday, November 11th, from 7-10 pm. Three bands will be sharing their talents: Hothouse Combo (jazz), Michele Gottlieb (vocals), and ThreeGenerations (Alternative Rock). The event is a fundraiser for the Hall and Conard Drama Programs who have been selected to perform at the American High School Theater Festival in August of 2017 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Natalie Wright is one of the students taking part! Please join us for this special night of music. Admission is $15 for adults and $7 for students, and includes dessert. Other refreshments will be available for sale, and all donations are welcome. Advance tickets may be purchased through Linda Wright.



 The month of November brings warm thoughts of family and Thanksgiving to most of us. For others, the stress of knowing they may not have enough resources to buy a turkey or pumpkin for a pie can be disabling. The Second Mile Offering for November is to support the West Hartford Food Pantry as they work diligently to collect and organize donations needed for our neighbors and friends. For over 30 years, the West Hartford Food Pantry has been an integral part of West Hartford Human and Leisure Services. More than 700 families in need visit the emergency pantry for non– perishable groceries.

Our turkey will soon arrive in the lounge! Please keep an eye out for Tom the Turkey and be ready to take a few feathers to add to your Thanksgiving shopping list. We ask that all donations be brought to church by Sunday, November 20th.

Thank you to all who are able to contribute and for those that pray for our board’s good work. We are continually amazed and grateful for the abundance in our church. The love, prayers, donations and good intention should never be underestimated. Happy Thanksgiving to all!



Once again Flagg Road is participating with Family Life Education to bring Christmas cheer to their clients. We will be receiving the names of 30 children with suggestions for gifts. The focus of Family Life is to make sure all of their children have warm clothes for the holidays, so they have asked parents to request clothing items. We expect to have the names by mid-November and as soon as we do we will let the church members know. The gifts need be at the church by Sunday, December 11.

If you will not be in church to choose name and wish to participate, please call Sally Williams (860-561-3479) or Susan Azano (860-236-3927) and we will choose a child for you. Blessings to all and thank you.



For a number of years the United Church of Christ’s efforts have been urging a process of opening up relationships across the boundaries of race through the Sacred Conversations on Race and other programs. Last month the national offices released a new curriculum to further this important work, White Privilege, Let’s Talk. The curriculum engages its participants through the writings of five separate authors examining their own experiences of race and adds to the writings sensitive and thought provoking study questions meant to stimulate sharing and reflection in small groups. The study also seeks to immerse the participants in real life stories, self-told, of some of the more subtle and destructive ways in which one’s race influences one’s life experiences, opportunities and choices.

We will have our first meeting after worship on Sunday, November 6th. Discussion meetings will be ongoing. All are welcome to join!



Great news! After well over a year of research and hours of time, looking at options, meeting with utilities and contractors, investigating incentives, and attending to applications, Hartmeadow Village is to have an upgrade to their heating systems. The Church Council released the funds last week to begin both the re-insulation and heating upgrade for every cottage. The combination of increased insulation and new state of the art heat-pump units will provide much better comfort while dramatically increasing efficiency and reducing electric costs.

Due to the incentives involved, the work is scheduled to begin immediately with the hope to be completely installed by the first of the year. We will be inviting Hartmeadow residents and anyone else interested to a meeting in the very near future to explain the process and to address questions. Profound thanks to Bob Klein for his tireless efforts to see this project to a successful outcome. (Perhaps it did tire him out…but his work on this is well above and beyond, so thank you Bob.)



 The knitting group will meet at Ruth Rankin’s Cottage (M) on November 8th and 22nd from 1:30 to 3:00pm. The group will continue to work on scarves, hats and mittens for the Chase the Chill project.

Chase the Chill is an annual graffiti/yarn bombing event that distributes scarves in public places so that those in need—regardless of income and without any qualifiers—can help themselves. Chase the Chill combines art, charity, and yarn bombing. The mission is to celebrate the art and beauty of knitting and crocheting, building community, generating positive interest in a location, and sharing with others. Flagg Road UCC knitted contributions will be due by December 29th.



 On Sunday, October 30th, we honored our wonderful friend and longtime member, Debbie Kaynor who is moving out of Hartmeadow Village to North Carolina this month. Debbie has been a member since 1979 and the service focused on her commitment to the Flagg Road United Church of Christ and its members. Sandy Denmead and our Minister Emeritus, the Rev. Edward Mayes, spoke lifting up memories of earlier days here at Flagg Road while making note of Debbie’s joyful and buoyant spirit. Debbie leaves us to live nearer to family and it is so clear that by doing so she is leaving some of her family behind. We wish Debbie all the best in her transition and will always be in close communication.




























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